Friday, November 04, 2005


evil clerk
I awaken from a pleasant dream. With Kenya Estate AA dark roast brewing, I anticipate an enjoyable and rewarding day ahead. All of the sudden, I am vexed by a ringing phone and am swept from my contemplative state as my antihelixes vibrates to the uttering of a solicitation for savings on my long-distance phone rates. I attempt to explain to this dysphonic automaton that I am not in need of such a service as I never make long-distance calls. But alas, my efforts are met with futility and I am urged to take advantage of this offer now as it is for a limited time only. I request the attention of the manager, with the intent of having my phone number removed from their calling database, but again fail to get my way as this information-age barbarian has no intention of abandoning his pursuit of a commission so quickly. Several rebuttal attempts later, I am able to escape from this accosting and reclaim my morning, only to find that the experience has left me deflated and with depleted levels of serotonin. I now ponder how long it will be until my next dealing with a clerk.